5 Hidden Reasons You Haven't Achieved Your Goals (Yet!)

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Here´s What Jodie Will Be Sharing With You:

• The hidden reasons you aren’t currently making progress towards you goals

•  How to identify the specific factors that can make or break your goals

•  Why many people wrongly identify the main obstacles that are holding them back from reaching their goals and how to CORRECTLY identify them  

•  And to start your transformation, Jodie will share 4 (dowloadable) failsafe tools that she uses with her coaching clients 

Jodie Rogers

About Your Speaker

 Jodie Rogers is a coach, facilitator and skills trainer guiding professionals, individuals and corporate teams who need clarity, momentum and greater self-awareness to enable change to happen. Her work is underpinned by 17 years of experience, science and empirical evidence as she works with clients to identify, explain and remove their obstacles and equip and inspire them to achieve their goals and ambitions in life and in work. 





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