Teambuilding work

The Uncover Your YouPrint® course has helped individuals at home and in organisations across several countries and continents. In 2016 it also became the basis for teambuilding initiatives in global companies such as Unilever, and its content was instrumental in helping Masters students at Berklee College of Music (Valencia campus) understand how their ambitions, approaches and mind-traps compared with those of their fellow students, providing valuable context as they prepared to graduate into professional life.

In Unilever, the completion of the course by 15 managers was followed by a pioneering two-day teambuilding event to bring together what each individual had learned and how they could improve their team’s effectiveness.

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“Jodie has a unique ability to tie together complex theories and context in an easy-to-understand yet powerful way. Her tools and techniques make mind management so much more achievable for our students. She is engaging, motivating and fun in her delivery. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to (and is ready to) make a positive change in their life.”

Individual work

Since Autumn 2015, hundreds of people have completed the 7-week programme. Here are just a few reactions, ranging from ‘stuck’ 30-somethings in four different countries at a career crossroads to parents of University graduates who lack the confidence to chase their goals.

  • "This was such a good journey for me – a reminder of how our cognitive filters (i.e. the way we see the world) really affects our work, our interactions and how we deal with tricky situations that we have no control over."

    Sarah Rogers, South Africa

  • "The biggest change I’ve noticed in my team is their confidence in themselves. YouPrint not only made us more aware of the factors that can hold us back as individuals and the reasons behind that but it gave us the tools to deal with these factors, which ultimately results in a more positive and confident team."

    Jennifer Whyte, UK

  • "The impact of the course is that I’m going to be more aware of my negative thinking and negative beliefs. And ultimately it’s going to lead to me changing it."

    Julia Farkas, Hungary

  • "Brilliant advice. Easy to understand and follow, with life-changing ideas. I'm going to apply this advice to my girls who think they are 'no good' at some things because it's easier to think that than to challenge yourself to be good at something that challenges you. I'm off to change my mindset."

    Anonymous, Argentina

  • "This will have a lasting impact. There is so much potential in reframing problems and taking a new stance on things that I might usually have classed as a stumbling block."

    Unilever Manager, London

“The YouPrint course has benefited me in a number of ways. The emotional aspect of the way we think and feel is especially powerful. Jodie used real life stories to show how the thoughts in our head are often just speculation. Thumbs up for self-aware enlightenment!”

Uncover Your YouPrint® has gone global! 18 cities across 15 countries!