This online coaching programme helps you find answers to some of life’s more puzzling questions by unlocking the detail of what’s behind all your decisions. 

This is an individual project, but we give you all the resources you need. We’ve even filmed live demonstrations of the tools and techniques you’ll use. You’ll get to ‘meet’ previous participants and see them work through the exercises in real time. You’ll learn from their journey.

And when you become part of the YouPrint community, you’ll be able to connect with everyone else who’s taking the course.

The key to the programme’s success is that these exercises and resources deepen your own understanding of you. And for extra motivation, our online community members support each other, share ideas and challenge you to apply new learning to your own life.

Step by step, over 7 weeks (though you can do it faster if you prefer), you’ll learn about seven areas that influence your behaviour. In each area, you’ll start to ‘manage your mind’ better and make more fulfilling choices in life and work.

With Uncover Your YouPrint®, you'll find quicker answers to these questions:

What should I do right now with my life?

Why can’t I make this goal or ambition happen?

Why do the same patterns keep showing up?

Why can’t I stop this negative thinking?


“I designed this course for individuals and for workplace teams using a blend of psychology, neuro-science and social research. When you know what makes you tick, what rules you’re living by and where your inner compass is set, you can take more control of your life. Once you know who you are and how to navigate your mind, you start to understand what influences your decision-making.”

What's included in the course?

Classroom sessions

Inspiring 45-minute video-based sessions that teach you about the workings of the mind. We cover self-doubts, negative beliefs and why your values matter so much. 

Live Demos

One-to-one 'live' sessions that help you break unhelpful behaviour patterns, shift your perspective and challenge your self-limiting beliefs.

Online Exercises

Each of the seven modules includes tools, techniques, exercises and homework (with downloadable MP3s and PDFs) that show you what makes you tick and ultimately help you uncover your unique, all-important YouPrint.