Breaking ‘YouPrint’ down


Over seven modules, we’ll dive deep into the core elements that make you unique. Each element is designed to build upon what you’ve uncovered and worked on in the previous module. Together these seven elements will make up your YouPrint.

While working through the course, you’ll see immediate improvements in your daily work and personal life. You’ll also develop invaluable emotional skills and practical habits that will help you become a better communicator, team player and self-leader.


Click each menu to see what subjects we’ll cover and what you can expect to learn in each module.  


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Module 1: Perception


'Perception' is the first module you'll tackle, learning and working through things that will set you up for the rest of our course.

Subjects covered

  • Optical illusions
  • The science of vision
  • Cognitive illusions
  • Visual conflict
  • Reframing perceptions

Learning outcomes

  • How to gain a greater awareness of how you see the world, what skews and bias you might have and how to readjust them.
  • Learn how your interpretations of the world may not be as accurate as you think.
  • Be able to spot when your mind is playing tricks an how to reset for accuracy.
Module 2: Thinking


‘Thinking’ builds on the first module, helping you to become familiar with your common thinking traps and learn how to master them.

Subjects covered

  • Neuroplasticity
  • The psychology of thinking
  • Common thinking traps
  • Changing habitual thinking patterns 

 Learning outcomes

  • Understanding how ‘thinking traps’ can make you misinterpret situations and events around you
  • Appreciate the negativity bias and what it means for you
  • Learn about how you can change your brain – literally
  • Identify any interferences in your own life and how to best deal with them 


Module 3: Meaning


In the Meaning module, we explore ways to recognise the stories you tell yourself and cultivate ways to reframe them

Subjects covered

  • Power of stories
  • Attitude model
  • External influences
  • Influencing decision making

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how, when and why we add different meanings to different situations
  • Identify the ‘stories you tell yourself’ with regards to the meaning you typically give to events and situations that occur in your life
  • Uncover the external and internal influences working on you
  • Adjust for these influences making your actions and decisions in life much more straight forward 


Module 4: Beliefs


With ‘Beliefs’ you will gain an understanding of the ‘rules’ that govern how you live and learn how to reframe them

Subjects covered

  • Mind - body connection
  • Fear vs. Courage
  • Linking perceptions and beliefs
  • How past impacts future
  • Challenging limiting beliefs

Learning outcomes

  • Develop a heightened awareness of your thought processes & belief systems and how they were shaped by your past
  • Create an understanding of the ‘rules’ you are living by, both the supportive and the limiting
  • Identify the core beliefs that are dictating how you see the world & also holding you back from your goals
  • Witness and apply 5 different techniques to overcome and challenge your limiting beliefs
  • Uncover your core strengths and the empowering beliefs which bring you confidence in life
Module 5: Values


In ‘Values’ we identify the core principles that influence your behaviour and how to use them to your advantage

Subjects covered

  • Values & conflicts
  • Core vs. Idealistic
  • Beliefs vs. Values
  • Eliciting personal values

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the principles which influence your behaviour and the core qualities which drive you
  • Gain a greater understanding of how your values affect the achievement of your goals (or not!)
  • Uncover your own set of core values, threshold values and ideal values
  • Recognise how to use your values as a filter for future career opportunities
  • Use the understanding of your Value set to finally break the repetitive patterns which keep showing up for you in your life
Module 6: Mindset


‘Mindset’ will teach you how to shift your mindset and help you practise techniques for success and goal achievement

Subjects covered

  • Grit vs. Quit
  • Optimism vs. Pessimism
  • Growth vs. Fixed
  • Shifting your mindset

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the 4 core mindsets and where you are operating from on each of their spectrums
  • Practice the steps to effectively move you from a “fixed” mindset to a “growth” mindset
  • Identify the true characteristics of an optimist and begin to naturally cultivate the habits for growth
  • Learn how to approach your goals with “grit” and determination
  • Practice a powerful tool to help you bounce back and recover quickly from setbacks 
Module 7: Focus


Our final module, Focus, teaches you basic neuro-psychology and how to re-program your attention to better serve your goals

Subjects covered

  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Neuroscience of attention
  • Flow, procrastination and distraction
  • Stress, performance, focus
  • Confirmation bias

Learning outcomes

  • Gain an apprecia on for some basic neuro-psychology and how your focus is programmed by your ‘mind-chatter’
  • Discover the different filtering systems that are working on your focus & how to reprogram your attention to better serve your goals
  • Get clear on the effect of emotions, like stress, on your ability to focus and practice how to regain control of your amygdala when it gets ‘hijacked’
  • Cultivate the skill for accessing ‘flow’, the optimum state for effortless focus
  • Train in the most effective ways to control and shape your skill of attention 

“In teams we always have people with negative thoughts. This course helps to find out 'thinking traps' and shows how we can change ourselves to accommodate the team.”

Understanding your

Your unique YouPrint will be created from your course progress. It's an entirely bespoke framework, unique to you, which describes literally what makes you YOU!

Once you complete the YouPrint course, you will receive a certificate created from your course progress and insights. The certificate includes an entirely bespoke framework that is unique to you. Remember, change is a lifelong journey, so be sure to refer back to your certificate and analysis to track your progress and transformation.

See the list below for what’s included:


Your certificate will catalogue which values exist at your conscious and sub-conscious levels. When you understand and are aware of these, you can use them to break unhelpful patterns.


Strengths are what we do really well, but often we’re not fully aware of what they are. Here we compile a list of what you know your strengths to be but also a list of other strengths that might surprise you!


Limiting beliefs are just that, limiting. Once you know and understand what yours are, you can be aware of them and work to overcome the unfounded judgements we place on ourselves.

Mindset Scale 1: 

Grit vs Quit

This scale assesses and gives you a score of what kind of person you are in relation to adversity and long term goals. 

Mindset Scale 2: 

Growth vs Fixed

Find out if you lean more towards a ‘growth’ or ‘fixed mindset. Both aspects have very different views on the idea of ‘ability’ which influence the way we work and behave.

Mindset Scale 3: 

Optimism vs Pessimism

See where you sit naturally on the scale of optimism vs pessimism and decide if this is an aspect you’d like to change.