Empowerment coach and facilitator

For 15 years it has been Jodie's business to understand what makes people tick, and to use that learning to help people be more engaged in their work, feel more empowered and so become more productive for the business they're in.

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My story

But this isn’t what I’ve always done. My world is about psychology, interpersonal communication and social and consumer research. I spent 15 years working in the corporate field. I worked at one of the biggest marketing companies in the world and guided multi-national businesses on how to understand what makes people tick, how we make decisions, what drives us and holds us back. It’s my business to understand people.

But five years ago, I started to doubt my path. I was using my expertise to help big companies but I started to feel there was another way I could help people be more effective in their lives. I should have been happy, but started to feel like I’d woken up half way up the wrong ladder and I began to panic.


I faced a crossroads of doubt: one path was familiar, predictable and safe. The other was full of uncertainty, risk but potential fulfilment.

I chose the latter. Only just, and it was a risk! A one-way ticket to Mexico and seven months travelling, reflecting on my purpose in life, led me quite squarely to what I’m doing now as a coach and facilitator. I haven’t looked back! And now I’ve applied the knowledge I’ve gained to create the online course I really wish had existed when I faced those big questions and doubts. I’ve created ‘Uncover Your YouPrint®’ to show you too that there is a way to take control and answer the big questions in YOUR life.